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I will share som of my training ideas here. My philosophy is very complex, it changes from year to year and with different athletes i coach. But I'll try to give you inspiration from what we do and insight in how i think.

My Philosophy: Reach 100% of your ability.

Questions and thoughts: 

My thought is that we need to focus on both our best and worst skills and qualities. Try to mix them, because when the athlete feels good in some qualities he/she is ready to take on the difficult weaknesses. When the athlete feels bad, we need to highlight the strong sides. I don't have a formula for how much training, or how long time focus is spent on strong or weak sides. Sometimes during on session frustration can change to satisfaction, or the opposite. Sometimes you are in one of these phases for much longer time. Don’t be afraid of feeling bad sometimes. I think everything always need a antipode. See difficulties and weaknesses as challenge and potential. I think that too much prosperity or adversity is not good.


  • There’s always somethings that can be improved - why be satisfied when you know there is more?
  • You are not worth more than anyone else, even if you are better at certain things.
  • Are you satisfied and don't want to develop more - quit.
  • Are you happy with what you achieved, use the joy and inspiration to be even better.


  • Practise what you're good at.
  • Give yourself a chance. Be sure to be well rested, physically and mentally. Realize that your body and soul needs recovery.
  • You are not worth less than someone else because you are performing poorly.
  • See the progress of your weakness instead of focusing on the results.

Try to blur the line between prosperity and adversity. Enjoy what you are doing. Realize the situation. Be in the present. Create plans and strategies, execute them, change the plan if it does not work.

You know in your soul if you tried your best and the plan was wrong, or if you have not achieved the desired effect because you've been lazy. Be honest with yourself and trust your instincts.

Qualities: Physics.

What is required of you to reach your potential? What type are you? How do you want to jump?

What it’s all about:

"Your maximum power, and ability to use it as fast as possible, in the most technically advantageous manner possible."

If the idea is to do something as fast as possible, you train speed. When you add resistance, you transfer speed training to strength training. The more resistance, the more power.


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